A study into why a VIP Escort is for you!

Have you ever wondered everybody is getting an escort, but nobody is talking about it?

In today's society, the way we take care of our own health has changed considerably, and lots of studies continue to describe the topic of health and wellness as a "mega-trend". Peoples' standards of personal well-being and health are increasing and they are ready to take an active part in this.

But a core part of being healthy, is being happy. An escort is the silver bullet that can help you to be happy. These are men and women that are charismatic, funny, and love to spend time with you. It's no wonder people choose to use escorts, when it helps them to release stress and frustration.

A creditable study from the University of Portland has gone into the various aspects if the escorting field and the reasons as to why people do it.

The jobs that men do

  • The study creditably links the nature of the jobs that men do with the urge to have these kind of escort services. For example men in the military or men who frequently travel out of their homes are the ones who frequently use this kind of services.

  • The accurate statistics are an extremely difficult proposition especially because only a small percentage of men who use such services actually confess to using them and the numbers

  • are dicey because a lot more married men use services such as this rather than the single ones. The study categorically states that at least sixteen percent of men have accepted to have used their services once in their life time.

What do you get from an escort service?

Every once in a while we see news of somebody caught with their hand in the honey pot, but the truth is that an escort is a companion that will help you feel better about yourself, and they're happy to do whatever you would like.

There's nothing to be afraid of, you're not alone in asking the question!

  • Have you thought about getting an escort because you feel alone? That's okay! Most men feel alone and this service has helped millions of men across the globe.

  • Do you want a girlfriend for a day, that is high class, charismatic and funny? Then try https://london-prive.co.uk/en for a top-notch service.

  • Was there a moment when you felt like you had fun? Well imagine how much more fun it would be if you had somebody there to enjoy it with you. Why not an attractive and beautiful lady that makes you laugh?

Bachelors and estranged men often find themselves feeling awkward around known women and therefore they feel more comfortable with strangers. A big percentage of men, whether married or single feel very nervous when they have to date a real woman friend and they also are paranoia whether they would be able to ultimately lay her. But in case of an escort, he is sure the experience will end with a smile.

When men pay for an escort they are not afraid to ask what they want:

These are two companions that are going to spend some great quality time together, and if you're paying for the meal, you're going to want to eat what you want. A lot of men will be vocal about what they want in the relationship and so there is nothing hidden between these two adults.

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